Ron schedules complimentary educational dinner presentations throughout the year, typically held at The Capital Grille restaurant. These seminars offer an opportunity to meet Ron and learn about his approach to investment management and estate planning. Some of his topics include:

  • Why a traditional ‘balanced
    portfolio’ won’t work this year
  • Learn how to invest in the rising interest rate environment we are entering
  • How to create your own private pension to guarantee income that you cannot outlive
  • Discover the successful investment techniques of institutional investors, and how you can invest like they do
  • Learn about the latest in tax and estate laws
  • Learn how to recognize investment fraud and swindlers
  • Learn about higher return alternatives to Money-markets and CDs
  • See how to convert your assets into retirement income
  • Should you convert to a ROTH IRA?

Call Ron’s office at (617) 965-7900 to make a reservation at Ron’s next seminar.