Why use a financial advisor for 1031 replacement properties?

Real Estate for sale that conforms to IRS Revenue Rulings 2002-22 or 2004-86 are securitized real estate offerings.  Such real estate is a hybrid as it is thus both a security and real estate.

Securitized real estate provides real estate ownership with no management responsibilities.  Securitized real estate is typically institutional quality real estate which allow investors to invest with cash, or through a 1031 exchange.

Ron has contacts with not only large providers of 1031 exchange properties, but also with smaller, high quality companies that do not have an internet presence. Some of these smaller companies provide some of the best 1031 replacement real estate opportunities, but have limited availability and only work with a select group of brokers.

Ron Birnbaum has extensive experience with securitized real estate and provides such real estate investment opportunities to his clients.  As a financial consultant he has the understanding of macro-economics to know what type of real estate is appropriate in any given economic climate.  Ron is also a member of The Estate Planning Team, which is a group of attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors who offer a proprietary system to defer income taxes.  This gives clients other techniques besides 1031 exchanges to defer taxes on sales of real estate and other capital assets such as businesses.  Taxes can be deferred on real estate not eligible for 1031 exchanges through the techniques performed by The Estate Planning Team.